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  • red flowers in front of a tress with lots of pink flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Growing Back After a Tornado

    Today Amy is sharing how her garden has recovered after tornado damage a couple years ago. Last year (Historical Camellia Garden in Virginia) I submitted photos of my historical camellia…

  • garden bed full of different foliage
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Jane’s Illinois Garden

    Today we’re visiting Jane in northern Illinois, who is sharing some views of her garden from different times in the year. I have been gardening on our four-acre property for…

  • centennial park conservatory
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Centennial Park Conservatory

    Barry Severn is taking us along on a trip to Centennial Park Conservatory in Toronto. As you’ll see, these greenhouses are packed with all kinds of beautiful plants. I’m sure…

  • bouquet of purple flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Bringing the Outdoors In

    Today’s photos are from Kathy Schreurs in northwestern Iowa. March is here, but regardless of what the calendar will say in a few weeks, most spring flowers will not make…

  • bright orange Canna flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Gardening on a Balcony

    Today we’re visiting with Cynthia Strickland. We visited her former garden in St. Louis (Gardening in St. Louis), but today she’s showing us her current gardening setup on a balcony…

  • succulents in a small container
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Betsy’s Townhouse Garden

    Today’s photos are from Betsy Thompson in East Greenbush, New York, in Zone 5. We’ve visited Betsy’s garden before (Betsy's Garden in New York). Betsy lives in a townhouse and…

  • garden with large, white and yellow lilies in the foreground
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Looking Back at Katie’s Garden

    We’re on Bainbridge Island, Washington, today, visiting with Katie Crain. I was just looking through photos from the summer and fall (as one does this time of year), and I…

  • garden path leading to water feature
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

    Today Joseph is taking us along on a visit to Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Sited in southeastern Florida, it is in USDA Zone 11a, which means temperatures usually never dip…

  • vegetable harvest including tomatoes and potatoes
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Beertayday in Minnesota

    We’re off to Minnesota to visit a garden that, on Instagram, has the username “Beertayda,” which means “my garden” in Somali. Today's contributor, like so many of us, says that…

  • Virginia bluebells
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Anticipating Spring in New Hampshire

    Today we’re in Jayne Spaulding’s garden, looking forward to spring. This is my Zone 5 garden in spring, my favorite season. In New Hampshire, spring is short-lived, muddy, windy, and…